Imad Kazan / Avine Hoteit - Culture & Art Expansion

The site is located between Mar Mikhael and the industrial zone, it's adjacent to the highway that links Beirut to the north cities. This site is almost dead, thus we studied the traffic around the site and we found that it is due to the circulation between Beirut and north cities, not because of any activities happening on or around the site. Then we studied the relation between our site and the follow of (Students, Tourists, and Residents), and the places where they are found, such as universities, hotels ..etc. In relation, we studied the outdoor/indoor spaces, landscape parks and restaurants in Beirut in general, and the follow of cars and pedestrians to our site specifically.

We studied also the types of circulation around the site which are pedestrians and cars circulation, with respect to cars we found cars and motorcycle but there is no bicycles. As for pedestrian, they are divided into two types, which are local and tourists, locals are children, young and old people, whereas tourists are either visitors or workers that works in construction or at public shops and restaurants. Locations for these pedestrians varies between one bug house for families, one single room for different workers or hotels for tourists.

Then we studied the urban voids, which are stairs and courtyards. Stairs are divided into 4 types, wide, normal, narrow, and ramps. The most activities are taking place at the wide stairs, such as playgrounds, greenery and division, visual connections, graffiti.. etc. But there is no privacy for the apartments that are at the sides of the stairs, thus we see that most people are closing there curtains. As for the courtyards, we studied 3 types, the normal courtyard that is surrounded with apartments, the courtyard that is a stair with several entrances for the apartments, and the courtyard that have a closed entrance and greenery inside.

Since we found that many arts and cultures activities are happening on the stairs and the courtyards like some paintings on the stairs, we chose to develop them more into our program. Thus we suggested to have a rentable spaces, workshops for these artists, and performing spaces in relation to these activities, such as exhibition, souk.. etc.  Also recreational spaces such as library, landscape park.. etc. Our aim is to propagate these cultures and art activities into the city and into people's life, so this propagation is by expanding them and having communication between the users and the workers.

circulation diagram
Finally we distributed our functions into, theatre, library, day care center, restaurants, single apartments, exhibition area, skating area, playground, landscape park, bars, souk, and art classes. separated and organized related to our concept which is the planning surfaces, where there is always a physical and visual connection between almost all of these functions.
mass plan
park view
bird's eye view
programmatic distribution diagram
first floor plan
final model